Getting started with Tasks

Create tasks once, save time forever.

A task is simply an item that needs to be done to complete onboarding; they can be internal or external. Your tasks will be tied to Variable Options, which will ultimately come together to create a Map.

Creating a task

To create your first task, you should have your first Variable and Variable Options setup - learn more helpful information about Variable.

From there:

  • Go to the Tasks tab
  • Click on "Add my first task" or "+ New task"

  • Next, you will need to provide task details, including Task name, Variable/Variable option, and Detail. Additionally, you can choose to make the task "internal". When you make a task internal, customers will never see the task.

  • Save the task and create your second, third, and forth. :)

Editing a task

To edit a task, click on the task - expanding the side panel, then click the dots in the upper right,  and clicking "Edit task". 

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