HubSpot Integration Setup Guide

Set up your HubSpot integration with Onboard to automate & streamline your customer onboarding process.



What does the HubSpot integration do?

  • Automatically creates Maps when a Deal is moved to the stage of your choice (ex. Closed Won) and map custom fields and variables to create the Map dynamically.
  • Allows you to view the Map information connected to a HubSpot deal and associated Company
  • Allows you to view and complete open Onboard tasks for a HubSpot Deal and associated Company
  • Automatically assigns Map owner to a default or Deal owner
  • Syncs fields between Onboard customers and HubSpot companies

Set up

Here are the steps you can take to integrate HubSpot with Onboard:

1. Go to the Onboard integration page

2. Click "Set up HubSpot Integration" to start and sign in to the HubSpot instance you would like to integrate.

3. Choose the Deal Stage you want to use and Maps will automatically be created for each Deal. ex. When a deal stage reaches "Closed won".

4. Choose the Map name format with merge tags to name your Map dynamically for each deal.

Merge Tag Description
{onboardee_company_name} Onboardee Company Name
{map_name} Map Name
{map_expected_launch_date} Map Expected Launch Date
{map_id} Map ID
{owner_first_name} Owner First Name
{owner_last_name} Owner Last Name
{owner_role} Owner Role
{owner_full_name} Owner Full Name

5. Choose a default owner. Maps will be created with the Deal owner. If the deal owner doesn't exist in Onboard, then Maps will be created with this owner by default.

6. Map your variables. The variables that you choose should have the same values as the fields in Salesforce. Ex. If you have a field "Customer Type", the values for your Onboard variables and your Salesforce fields should have identical options "New", "Existing".  When a Map is created, we will use these variable mappings to create the customized Map.

7. Map your custom fields. When a Map is created, these fields will be used to create an Onboard Map and Company in Onboard.

8. Click Finish! You're all set.