Onboard Dictionary

All the Onboard lingo explained

We know that some of the terms that we use are a little nontraditional, that's why we broke down every common term in the product:

  • Onboarder:  This is the person that is responsible for onboarding customers. 
  • Onboardee: This is the end user, in most cases, the customer that is being onboarded. 
  • Assignee - The person who is assigned a specific task.
  • Owner - The Onboarder that is responsible for the customer's onboarding.
  • Variable - A way to group clients by unique attributes.
    Examples: Pricing Plan, Integration Type, Service Level
  • Variable Option - The options that fall under the unique variable. 
    Examples: Starter, Professional, Enterprise are options under Pricing Plan
  • Task - An item that must be accomplished in the onboarding experience.
    Example: Update your company branding and notification preferences.
  • Section - A group of tasks.
  • Map - A Map is a dynamic checklist created for each customer and can be used to collaborate during onboarding.
  • Map Status - There are several statuses that a Map can be in at any given time. By default the status automatically updated based on the definitions below: 
    • New: No action has been taken. 
    • In Progress: At least one task has been completed.
    • Launched: All tasks have been completed. 
    • Stalled: One or more tasks are overdue. 
  • Outboard - This is the clients view of the Map. The Outboard provides quick access to the customer's task and does not require a username/password to access.